President's Message

From your new President

Dear members,

Finance in Switzerland is changing. The age of ultra-low interest rates and aggressive transfer pricing structures are slowly coming to an end. And although the worst if the “franc-shock” seems weathered, companies continue to struggle with high cost and consider moving production or administration abroad. On the other hand, a lot of energy is coming from growth in the fin-tech industry. Add on top a global challenge for finance and business in general to automate and “digitize” processes to be more efficient, quicker and serve ever higher customer demands, and it becomes clear: finance professionals cannot be complacent. To cope with these changes, and even to be a driver of those, we must learn, experiment, exchange thoughts, and be proactive!

I’m honored to be elected president of the Swiss Chapter of IMA, which purpose is to certify, educate and connect finance professionals in Switzerland. We are there to support you on this journey with knowledge, ideas, contacts and best practices.

The chapter is now nine years old. It has grown quickly in the beginning. We’ve had many successes and organized great events with interesting partners. Growth has levelled off lately. Our two main challenges are the geographic spread of our members across Switzerland and our ability to engage members to be active in the chapter. In order to address that, there is a simple strategy for the next three years:

  • Build more, deeper, and longer term partnerships: partners will help us increase “critical mass” for our events, so they become of better quality higher value to our members. In terms of events, we focus on our successful all day events (Geneva and Zurich/Zug) and webinars
  • Grow membership: by offering better events, we retain members longer and also hope to reactivate some of those that have left over the past years
  • Engage members: a thriving group where to learn and have interesting exchanges. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that? Moreover, I hope that YOU will be willing to contribute, if it’s organizing an event, lead a local council, start a student chapter, suggest a speaker, teach a CMA course, promote CMA in your company, or simply share your ideas.

The IMA Switzerland board is energized to make this happen. We have great support from IMA Europe and Global. If you want to play a part in that - big or small - let me know!

I look forward to meeting you at one of our events. Wishing you a great year ahead!

Kind regards,


Hessel Brouwer