Volunteering & Leadership at IMA Switzerland


IMA Switzerland strives to bring Finance Professionals together by organizing high quality education and networking events.

We have board of experienced finance professionals in diverse Swiss top organisations, a small budget and can count on the support of IMA Europe and IMA Global.

We have the opportunity build the chapter further and organize even more exciting events. Events don’t organize themselves though, and we need active members to help us out.

Volunteering at IMA Switzerland is a fun way you work with great people and build your network. Many volunteers like to give back to IMA and the community as well. Last but not least, it’s a great way to gain leadership experience outside of the work environment.

We need people wo bring ideas and also like to get things done. You can choose how much time you want to commit. Once a year, several times, monthly is all possible. Big or small.

Basics we need to cover:

  • Organize all day event in Zürich or Geneva
  • Organize an ethics CPE event
  • Finance & Administration
  • Quarterly Chapter’s newsletters
  • Maintain the Website

And we can do much more than that. The sky is the limit! The limits are only defined by the ideas of active members and their commitment to “just do it”.

What we could do as well:

  • Organize other CPE and networking events (webinars, CFO round table, company visits…)
  • Regional committee for networking in Zürich or Geneva area
  • Welcome new members and contact departing members
  • Visit universities or companies with IMA Europe or on own initiative
  • Set up a coaching program for CMA candidates
  • Set up a mentoring program
  • Found a student chapter (funds available!)
  • LinkedIn – regular content and updates
  • Write an article or interview in Strategic Finance
  • Build relationships with partners that can be of value for the chapter and our members
  • Speak at events or connect us to speakers
  • Contribute funds or benefits in kind (from sponsors, companies, individuals)
  • Set up a corporate training program with IMA
  • Organize an award program (corporate recognition, CMA award, other member awards)
  • Write an article about IMA in other press

If you’re interested and looking for volunteering position within IMA that matches your personality, skills and interests with as much time as you can dedicate to it, let us know and we will welcome you and help you to find what’s right for you.

Contact @ to become active.

Hessel Brouwer
President IMA Switzerland Chapter